RIP Harambe (and the chill of the internet)

The internet has a tendency to overexpose things, adding a 21st century twist on the concept of a fad. These internet fads or memes get so much internet exposure that they turn into jokes in everyday life. This doesn’t only show the power of the internet as a communication tool, but it shows how there are no boundaries for creativity on the internet. The internet creates a unique opportunity for users to articulate an idea, concept, or opinion through many different formats like visuals or text. The perfect example of this long and drawn out theory is Harambe.

Image result for harambe memesImage result for harambe memes

Harambe the gorilla was killed in May 2016 and after there had been legitimate activists protesting the death of Harambe, the internet overexposed the story to the point where it turned into a meme. As previously said, the internet gives us the power to articulate an idea whenever we want, in any context or format we want it in, no matter what it is. This is why the sub-reddit for Harambe is filled with actual petitions to put the silver back gorilla on the $20 bill and to name a high school soccer field after him.There are, by now, millions of Harambe jokes using either art, pictures, or text in a lot of different contexts. There are songs and song remixes about Harambe.  The internet can also allow anyone to see their idea come alive even if you weren’t even involved with it. So this weekend I saw a Snapchat story of a bunch of students holding a funeral for Harambe in their campus’ quad.

Image result for harambe memes  Image result for harambe memes

All of this is for a joke about a gorilla in Cincinnati. Internet culture overexposes things to the point where they are everywhere. Harambe (shall he rest in peace) is a perfect example of that.

Image result for harambe memes


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