My Election Rant

No one in this generation really knows whats going on in this election.

I go to a private liberal arts university of about 4,000 people so the election is always tied into many of my lessons as a conversation topic. On top of that, this generation’s college students are a breed of American that are strongly opinionated people because we grew up in an environment where we can discover ourselves and think on our own as we have always had information readily available. This is not only fascinating because I can see the divide of opinions right in front of me, but because this election is marketed toward these people. This election is marketed toward people my age.

…and that being said…not many people have an opinion strictly based on who would be a better president. No one knows exactly what’s going on.

Most of what I have heard about this election is opinions on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I see long Tumblr text posts, tweets, or Facebook videos not about the policies, but about people’s opinions on the two candidates. This then prompts me to do research on why these pieces of media have this specific opinion, and I then read about it with that biased in my head. Therefore, I never understand a story or scandal in my own view.

There is no room to form your own opinion because everywhere you look there is a biased version of the story before you get to the real one. You may argue that that’s how the mainstream media is anyway, but its different. It’s not reporters or writers putting things in their own rhetoric, its the internet community putting things in terms they understand. You wont understand the evolution of the internet if you don’t understand the evolution of the millennial generation. My generation has created their identity and their community  through the identities and the communities formed online. Because of this, as previously stated, we are not afraid of sharing opinions. Also, we love to be entertained because, just as we have information with us at all times, we have entertainment around us as well. That’s why this election is marketed specifically to us.

The internet community can fight among themselves through any form of media, whether it be serious or not. Below are some tweets, text posts, and videos that show how we like to butt heads with each other, but we can do it in any form of art we feel necessary (my personal favorite being the Donald Trump meme compilation). We are warriors for our opinions but we want our opinions but we have the tools to have these opinions be displayed in many different ways. And that’s why no one knows whats going on. Because through the memes, the tweets, the rants on social media, or anything on any platform, in the end it’s all rhetoric or content that comes from average people on the internet. Unless you strictly pay attention to JUST the mainstream media, these ideas are going to be stuck in your head.

This even leads to a lot of people not taking it as seriously as they should be. Many of my peers have talked about how this whole election feels like a movie trailer or a dramatic show. One of my classmates described the first debate as “a muppet and lesbian arguing with each other”. The young vote matters and the young vote is more opinionated than anyone else. So whoever wins this November, they will need to thank the power of memes.



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