The Meshuggah Experience

Over the summer, I wrote an article talking about how theater is so facinating because it is a shared experience. You and the rest of the audience members are experiencing a story being played out right in front of you.  I’d say this goes for concerts as well. While there is no story that the audience is watching (with maybe the exception of what each song is trying to communicate), a concert creates a live experience. The music, the light show, the noise, and the crowd’s reaction creates an atmosphere around concert goers. And this past Wednesday, the Fathers of Djent: Meshuggah created an atmosphere like no other.

This atmosphere can be described as chaos. The lights would be timed to every djent chug the songs would make. They would flash on the short notes, there would be lasers shooting up and down on the long/drawn out notes, and there would be very distinct light changes on every note in between. Not only could you hear the music, you could see the music. Also you could feel the music as the down tuned instruments were so heavy, you could feel the Djent banging in your rib cage and spine. At each pause before a breakdown, ambient part, or break between songs, the crowd took that pause as well. They paused the chaos…but only for a bit. They would slow down their movements, stay in one spot, take time to appreciate the atmosphere around them. During ambient parts, some would take the time to dance or head bang to themselves. However, when the music got heavy again….the chaos resumed. Two mosh pits always separated the floor. Even if you weren’t even remotely near them, the crowd shifted violently with the music. Its almost as though you felt the rippling effects of the pit. Once you felt secure you felt a giant shove to keep you participating in the experience. You are constantly moving, constantly touching everyone else, constantly shoving and fighting to survive this craziness. All of that combined with the heavy chugs of metal created a chaos filled environment that everyone had to figure out one way or another. All of these elements made a crazy atmosphere to survive in for the entirety of the djent filled set.


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