Shay Carl Sliding into the DMs

Shay Carl is a daily vlogger who has broadcasted his life on YouTube since March 2009. His daily vlogs came  out at a time in YouTube history where people were just starting to realize that this is a legitimate platform for creating content. The excitement about the fact that anyone could use this free platform to share their message inspired the first wave of professional YouTubers. Most of which were daily vloggers with their own message. Charles Trippy wanted to show you his rockstar life and Shay Carl wanted to make your day better by showing you his wholesome American family. However, Shay recently got caught in a scandal. This married father of five was messaging a cam girl over Twitter DMs for three months using aggressive and sexual language. These messages got aggressive to the point where the cam girl described the whole affair as rude and disgusting. She leaked the screenshots and the internet exploded.

“How could Shay cheat on his wife?”

” How could Shay do this to his family?”

“How could a man who preached his very conservative, religious beliefs be so skeezy?”

After these photos were leaked and there was word of the cam girl: Aria Nina, having naked photos and videos of Shay, he revealed to twitter that his life has been slipping away from him the past few months. He explained how he has been struggling with alcoholism for years now and he just recently got the drive to get better. He explains how he hates himself for letting his alcoholism get the best of him. There was no comment on any of the “cheating scandal”….and the internet exploded.

“He is using his alcoholism as an excuse!”

“He’s just trying to distract us with a sob story! He’s still a dirty cheater!”


Image result for shay carl scandal
Shay’s confession to Twitter


Let me say this about the situation. I may have a bias because at one point in my life I looked up to this man who preached that “happiness is a choice”. And I may have a bias because his nice, imaginative, and fun family brightened up my day every day for the couple years I watched him. But let me say this: this man has put his whole entire life online for the whole world to see. His family affairs, his work, his bad days, his good days. But what everyone forgets is that no matter what the media is, a vlog or Fox News, the content is framed. Shay choses to turn on the camera. He edits and decides what parts of his life he wants to share. Because of this, even though the idea is that he is sharing his life, Shay’s vlogs act as a show. Daily episodes with characters, a plot, story line and certain themes. Shay isn’t a character in the show you watch. He is a real person. The Shay you watch on YouTube is different from the person just like any other show and their actors. This scandal is real life. Even though cheating is a scummy thing and even though his alcoholism reveal on Twitter seemed like he was trying to distract us…like it or not…this is his life. His life is the life of an alcoholic. His life is the life of someone who messages girls when married. He’s not hiding anything from the audience. He’s not doing anything for the audience. He isn’t living his life for the audience. He is just living his life.

Image result for forrest gump and that's all i gotta say about that



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